Want Your Bathtub or Shower to Look Brand-New?

Get bathroom refinishing services in Richmond and surrounding areas in VA.

Over time, your bathtub and tile can start to look worn and dingy. You may even notice some unattractive stains. PTR can bring the life of your tub and tile back to its shiny new look and make it easier to clean. PTR offers bathtub refinishing services and more. Proudly serving Richmond and the surrounding areas in central VA.

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How we can revamp your bathroom

We'll use a variety of methods to make your bathroom look impressive. Our bathroom refinishing services include:

  • Reglazing and refinishing bathtub
  • Change the outdated colors of the bathtub and tile
  • Replace old cracked tiles
  • Adding waterproof coatings to surfaces
  • Replacing old tilework
  • Remove old caulk, install new mildew-resistant caulk and add a non-slip surface to the bottom of the bathtub

Let us know if you need to revamp a specific part of your bathroom. We're always happy to see how we can help. Call us today at 804-615-4488 to schedule tub refinishing services and more.